Automotive Shops

The optimal choice for automotive applications, steel buildings are fully customizable and space-efficient, providing up to 300 feet in clear span width (depending on design loads) to maximize interior space usage and meet all of your functional requirements. Whether you’re building a dealership showroom, a car or truck repair shop, or storing service vehicles, steel buildings offer complete freedom to design your automotive building exactly the way you want, including incorporating glass and other architectural materials for an attractive and aesthetically pleasing result.

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Why steel for automotive buildings?

Professionally designed and manufactured, steel buildings offer low construction, maintenance, and insurance costs combined with longevity and reduced weather-related damage or loss. Moreover, steel buildings can easily be insulated to reduce energy costs and create a comfortable, temperature-controlled, and ventilated space for a multitude of automotive applications.

  • Space-Optimized: Offering the maximum usable floor space, clear span designs offer multiple door options for access, while multi-span designs boost space with strategically located columns.
  • Flexible & Expandable: Designed to accommodate changing requirements and needs, metal buildings can easily be expanded or reconfigured as more space is required or usage changes.
  • Customizable Design: Meeting the needs of your specific use case in terms of size (width, length, height, door locations and dimensions, etc.), steel offers optimal design flexibility for an aesthetically pleasing result.
  • Rapid Construction: With most components precut and welding completed during production, assembly can be completed onsite with minimal cutting/trimming as a DIY project or constructed using a professional crew.
  • Low-Maintenance: Offering superior structural integrity and durability to withstand extreme weather conditions, steel buildings are virtually maintenance-free with warranties ranging from 20-50 years.

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Why use Metal Building Prices for automotive buildings?

Prices and quotes can vary significantly depending on fluctuations in the price of steel and each vendor’s interpretation of your requirements, including the size and style of the structure, the geographical location of the site (for weather or seismic allowances), the number and size of framed openings, and the interior and exterior finish.

Eliminating the headache of researching multiple suppliers and requesting, receiving, and comparing quotes, Metal Building Prices simplifies and streamlines the process by providing instant access to a full range of steel automotive buildings. Leveraging extensive industry expertise and experience, Metal Building Prices delivers:

  • Fast, easy access to a reliable, reputable, and carefully vetted supplier network
  • Automatic matching to suppliers based on the use case, products, services, and location
  • Multiple quotes submitted by suppliers reflecting their best price, product, and service

Contact us to find the right steel solution for your automotive application—fully customizable and cost-effective.

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